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Valentine's Day provides a great opportunity for people to share hand-made craft items. Gifts that are lovingly constructed, rather than simply store-bought, can be among the most meaningful. Below, you'll find a range of craft ideas and activities aimed at making the lead-up to Valentine's Day (or any other love-focused occasion) entertaining and thoughtful.

  • Woman's Day - Here, you'll find a collection of "29 Adorable Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids." These provide an ideal opportunity to engage youngsters in creative expression around this lovely time of the year.
  • Focus on the Family - This feature takes you through a range of different fun and creative Valentine's Day craft ideas. These range from the romantic, to simple novelties that can be used to add a point of interest to the day for both adults and children alike. Topics include everything from food preparation through to crafts and games.
  • Arty Crafty Kids provides instructions and materials to help you craft lovebirds from paper plates. This is simple, affordable, and provides scope for a range of expressive outcomes.

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