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Screensavers come in a variety of forms. While it's still possible to install screen saver software onto many desktop and laptop computers, it has also become popular of late to simply leave a YouTube video playing, to set a particular background tone for an event. Below are examples of both styles of screensaver - all with a distinctly romantic feel.

  • To Cony with Love is a gorgeous, romantic screensaver from the team at LINE. It features two cute, cartoon characters express their heartfelt admiration for one another in a colorful fashion. Entirely free, this screensaver is available for use on both Mac and PC computers.
  • U Scenes - This website directs you to three romantic background videos that could help to establish a suitably cosy feel within your apartment or home during your upcoming Valentine's Day celebration, anniversary or date. These include two fireplace scenes and one relaxing marine aquarium loop. All are video-based and do not require the installation of any special software.
  • Flying Hearts Screensaver is an installable screensaver that is said to be compatible with any version of the Microsoft WIndows operating system, up to Windows 10. It brings your idle screen to life with a collection of flying, animated hearts.

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