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For some, the best way to make a memorable impact on Valentine's Day is to load up on jokes and gags related to relationships, gender differences and love in general. We've tracked down some of the best collections of Valentine's Day jokes from around the web, to make it easier for you to prepare.

  • Love Laughs contains a great range of jokes related to love, relationships and gender clashes. Their range includes quick and snappy one-liners, plus more detailed stories, and event a few hilarious cartoons and shareable memes.
  • Reader's Digest may not be sending out as many of their once-renowned paper magazines these days, but their website is loaded with juicy content, including dozens of short Valentine's Day jokes.
  • Country Living has drawn together a list of the 35 best Valentine's Day jokes that they could find, ranging from corny gags to funny puns, and even a few knock-knock jokes.

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